Friday, June 18, 2010

Me-10 lbs in 10 Weeks

Pamela Miller is this wiley woman who came up out of nowhere into my life offering some weeks of free training. Drop it! is her mantra. And now she wants us to blog about it. I follow orders pretty well, so here goes:

I got an email from her with my instructions, should I choose to take on this mission. They came at a good time: she said take Monday off. Hmmm. That was easy!

Then came Tuesday. See, I had been working on a huge project and it had taken me out of my rhythm. Oh no, I wasn't losing weight but at least I was exercising. I felt good. Now this being chained to an awful office chair was wreaking hacoc on my body. And I felt powerless to do anything about it.

So Tuesday came and Tuesday went. I washed the dishes that had been piling up. But that's not exercise, is it?

The next morning I finally pulled out my Wii. When I stepped onto the balance board the lil witch told me "My, it's been 11 days since we've seen you!" So I did some hoola hooping and other minor exercises til my daily girlfriend called. And I never went back. Thursday was game 7 of the Lakers/Boston so I couldn't do anything, now could I? But, I made the mistake of calling another girlfriend about something totally off the wall and she said "I miss you walking with me in the morning. We found a new park. You could come! It is fun!" So this AM after we celebrated the win with a Skype call to my son in South Africa where he was enjoying the World Cup games and Laker fans were scarce, I got up and met my friends and true enough, we did have fun! The city had installed these cute little exercise equipment stations and we had a blast playing with them. I know tomorrow I will be more sore than I am now, but I look forward to going back.

Unfortunately, I have an event and I cannot go back tomorrow. But Sunday, for sure. And that is the way it goes with me. But I can still do my Wii at home and that is my plan. Pamela says it is all about minutes, not calories. Sounds simple enough to me!

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  1. Great Isidra. Who is your accountibility partner? Incorporate exercising while talking to one of your girlfriends on the phone too.
    DROP IT!