Saturday, June 19, 2010

A funny thing happened on my way to the bathroom yesterday. I stepped on the scale. I gained 1.8 pounds! Why should be surprised? After my workout, I stopped by the Watts Coffee House.Desiree Edwards is famous for her fried chicken wings which she calls yardbird and waffles. I chose carefully from the menu, or so I thought. Grits. Fruit. Turkey bacon. (Say what? You don't eat chicken but eat turkey bacon? Yes, I am bacon weak.) And a biscuit. Two of 'em. Everything had melted butter oozing down the sides. (Well, not the fruit and bacon.) But I did not sugar my grits as I usually do. Sigh. this food recognition thing works sometimes. Most times I am helplessly off my target. Maybe this was a farewell meal. Back on track.

Not. Stopped by Costco to get my husband's favorite Pound Cake for Father's day. Actually I just stopped by Costco and avoided all the food stations. Until I saw dude spritz a dollop of whipped cream on top of a sliced strawberry which was on top of a chunk of pound cake. It was all in a little paper cup you would make muffins in. I only had one. But 10 steps away, I doubled back and bought the SET OF THREE pound cakes.

Last night I had another sliver when he opened the package. Today has got to be better!

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