Friday, July 16, 2010

Isidra Gadget On the Weigh down

Sorry I have been remiss about blogging, and I cannot really stay right now.

But I must say that Pamma Joi has me jogging (and sometimes running!) almost everyday (except Monday!) when I only used to walk. Thanks to the County of Los Angeles, outdoor gym machines where installed at the walkers park. Today I jumped rope 160 times, did push ups, the stair stepper, the rower and more weight machines. I also ran, then walked, then jogged, then ran, then walked some more.

So how do my gadgets fit in all of this? On my new iPhone 4 (I am really loving mine--sorry everyone else is having drama.) Well, when I got my first smart phone Black Berry Storm I stopped using my 30 gig iPod. Then when I got the iPhone I stopped using the Black Berry, and bought an arm band to hold my iPhone so I could jog. I downloaded an app which works as a pedometer. Then I play the music and voila! I am down to one gadget. But! When I want to take a pic I have to pull it out of its sleeve and interrupt the flow, so yesterday I trotted out my 30g, put it in the arm band holder thingy, put my iPhone in my pocket and now I can make calls, and take pics and still listen to my music and count my steps as I run, jump and walk. And best of all, I have an iPod to leave on the iPhone speakers in various parts of the house and I don't have to engage my iPhone. Glutenous? I should give one away, so my sister just became a proud owner of a Black Berry Storm!

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